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Interesting Apistos

Just for information, but at my local big outlet there are a few fish worth
looking at.
One is unusual, it's a cacatuoides group fish that was brought in as
Apistogramma sp. 'Guyana'. I didn't think that there were any 'Caca' types
in Guyana. Of course, just because it has this name doesn't mean it's from
there. Just means that's what it was on the lists as.
Nice fish, all the females are yellow and standing on their heads even in a
stock tank, so they aren't too demanding, but there are only a couple of
males so you'll have to be quick!
Another is a very similar fish brought in as Apistogramma sp 'Peru' (well,
that narrows it down then!!), which have an attractive arrowhead pattern
under their throat, but of more interest is a single fish that has come in
with them. It has a lateral stripe like a female Caca, but is a very robust
fish, with a strangely elongate head. It is very difficult to describe, but
I don't think I've seen it before.
I've tried to compare it to the Mouthbrooder Apisto, but it just doesn't
look the same to me.
It is only a single fish, and so not much use to anyone, but I'm just
curious to know what it is.

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