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Re: Pls help ID! A. nijsseni or pandurini???

Ok , my 2 cents worth here,  I believe its a Panduro.... looks very much
like mine.   Nijsseni dont have that marking in the caudal fin or area
like a Panduro has.   Just my guess.

As for Sals opinion on a cross.... well could be.
But I have to admit, several years ago , I had a lone male Nijsseni and
a lone female Panduro and put them together looking to see if they would
cross spawn, that was when nobody was sure if sp pandurini was a valid
species or sub species color morph of Nijsseni.    Of course we now know
that Panduro is a valid species.   Anyways, this mixed pair lived
together for about 6 months being mature adult fish and never did they
once spawn, while being good spawners with their former mates.    I
tried because i was curious what the offspring would look like.    Never
had any, so cant say what they would have looked like.

Either way, Nice fish you have there!!!

Tundra John,
Where it snowed 3 1/2 inches last night!!   

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