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A nice problem to have!

Hi folks,
I have just worked out a deal for a 2,275Litre aquarium, very cheap ($220!).
Now, in a phone conversation with Pete Liptrot, he asked me what I was going to do with it, something which hadn't occurred to me! What do you lot suggest? The dimensions are 3.5x1.0x.65metres. I want apistos and was thinking of having an Amazonian biotope, but with a proper "bank" plants roots etc.. The big advantage with such a monster tank is that I can create something much more realistic without worrying too much about how much space each bit will take up. 
I was also thinking about having some Crenicichla Regani and maybe Discus (maybe not quite right geographically?), watch some interactions take place. I would also like to let things take a natural course for a year or two, see who comes out on top!
Lighting will be with 2x400W HQL (Metal Halide), substrate will probably be peat with a cap of dark sand or gravel with (probably) substrate heating cables and a wet/dry filter (one of my present tanks converted to the task).
Nothing has been decided so you can make any suggestions you like! I probably won't have it until around about Easter, and will even then need a few months before it's up and running.
this also gives me another opportunity to gloat!:-)

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