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About Borellii

Hello Ed

If you can wait until spring and warmer shipping weather, i can or
should be able to provide you with some nice borellii.   I just recently
had a big spawn 50+ from some gorgeous yellow throat borellii that i
picked up in Cleveland at the Ohio Cichlid Associations Extravaganza
last month.   
I have 2 pairs spawning in the same 10 gallon tank, nice to see no
fighting going on with the males and no fin nipping going on at all with
all 4 fish in that tank.   

On a different note..... maybe a great note.... i am keeping my fingers
crossed....  My female Apisto sp Maulbruter is yellow and guarding a
flower pot entrence since yesterday afternoon.   OH God i hope that
theres eggs in there.   These fish are just awesome looking.   Be the
best Christmas gift i could get this year!!!!

Tundra John
21F and snowing....Gonna be a white Xmas here in the Adk Mts....  Happy
Holidays to all!!

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