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Re: Dwarf Cichlid question

My (Microgeophagus type) dont appear fragile, but I do have them in pH 6ish with very little hardness and keep an eye on the water. I know that many people loose them due to problems with the water quality. My "bolivian Rams" (Pevlicachromis type) are in local tapwater which is still quite soft and slightly alkaline, but are still thriving. From discusion with with others these would appear to be a more robust fish.
I suppose it depends on your previaling water conditions, how you keep your tanks, the quality of your stock and how you determine something is "fragile and difficult". Rams appear to be one of the fish that it is getting harder and harder to find good quality stock of.
Anyway, back to the apisto's!
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(Microgeophagus type

  I breed the Microgeophagus type and to honest with you they have been one of my easiest fish to breed and keep. Although I haven't been in this for more than a year. If yours aren't fragile and mine aren't that makes two of use so far.

  Also I do breed Pevlicachromis types. Not the one you mentioned and their water is basically the same as the SA dwarfs.

  Now I do have the Neo/lamprologus types and they are rift lake types which require the water parameters this person was inquiring about.