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Re: Ram fragility

In a message dated 13/01/02 06:05:28 GMT Standard Time, BigJohnW@webtv.net 

>  With a water out of the tap at 6.0 pH and
>  <10ppm hardness, it's easy to get a pH in that 5.0 range.    
Pretty much the same for me in North Wales ( >2 metres per year rain onto 
inert granite will make very soft groundwater).  pH 5.2 - just checked it- 
certainly makes breeding fish easy - Dicrossus filiamentosa, Apisto hongsloi, 
Nanacara anomla and Guianacara geaeyi (treat like a 7" Apisto) are all with 
fry in a 48x18x18 tank at the moment.

Alan W

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