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Re: Ram fragility

Hey Jerry,David
Two words for you guys "GO RAVENS" :).The purple Apistogramma defensivus festivus maximus is circling the B'more Inner harbor again,hehehe.
As far as I know it's Mikrogeophagus.Roemer uses the "k"in his DC book.
Maybe MW could clear it up for us.
I found store bought Rams to be very difficult to keep alive.Most of the stores that I go to buy asian bred rams that are loaded with hormones for coloration.
I would stay away from rams that look very colorfull in the stores tank.That's usually is an indication for hormon loaded fish that are no good for breeding purposes.
I totally agree with David that you should buy your Rams from a good breeder.

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Hey folks it's been Fun but, I got to go Watch the EAGLES beat Tampa Bay...if
they don't you won't be hearing from me for a while....Good day and Weekend


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