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Re: Ram fragility

Jerry ,
That's a good looking ramirezi male.Congrats on the free swimmers.
Unfortunately ,my last batch of Ram fry was lost.It was my fault though.I didn't get the fry out of the tank fast enough.I got them to the free swimming stage in a critter cage that I placed inside the breeding tank.They escaped through the openings in the cage and were eaten by the parents before I was able to pull them out of the tank.I bought some 2.5g tanks for fry raising after that disaster.I'll steal the eggs from my Rams from now on.
I just placed a clay saucer with about 50-80 bitaeniata eggs in one of the rearing tanks this morning.Those are from Eric Martinas bitaeniata's.I hope that they'll hatch.No flames please ,I usually leave Apisto fry with at least one parent.All the previous bitaeniata spawns were eaten .
Money,what money?I wish I had some.I spend all of mine on fishfood.I got to start making my own beefheart mix.My fish are eating me out of my house.Ever tried to raise a dozen discus with three full feedings a day?They ain't eating flake food either.
The Eagles looked pretty good against Tampa .I think the Steelers are the team to beat this year ,though,we'll see.The Ravens are finally looking like defending champs.
Take care

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Hey Max
I can't argue with that they looked real good. Our Eagle Defense is a little
tuffer then that though....
Oh yeah by the way.....Although I don't have the talent the camera or the
money that Max has....here's a link to a PIC of my Blue Male done with my
cheapy camera.
We got a tank load of free swimmers again this morning. Thank God I'm a
Grandfather again.



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