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Re: New fish

Hey Tim,

Things are going well here. Hope you're doing well on your end.

I have some wild apistos that came in, but some of them I'm not sure what in
the world they are. There were some wild aggies, a male lyretail panduro (no
female of course), what looked like some more gephyra, and then some others
that I'm not sure of. The closest match I could find in my aqualog is sp.
"Red Point II". Nice looking fish though.

Anyway, that's not the best of it though. I'm actually expecting a shipment
next Monday of some wild imported dwarfs, among them Dicrossus maculata. I'm
pretty excited to see how they come in. Tim F. is already down for a pair or
two, and there's quite a list getting started waiting on them. Hope there's
enough to go around. I'm also getting some more mixed wild apistos with that
order, so we'll see what I get with that mix.

Hope those male Morado get the idea soon. They're a great fish. My females
are on their second batch. One of the females is leading about 65 1 week old
fry right now, and the other has about 30.

I don't know where you have your water conditions, but I noticed my Morado
didn't actually start spawning until I did a big water change in the tank
and brought the TDS down around 40 ppm. They had been in there for a while
with no action before that. Maybe that might help.

Talk to you later,


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