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Re: Was:ram fry, sigh -Now Brownie and D.macs!

Yeah...I told Zman at the OCA call me anything but Brownie. So sometimes Zman will call me that just trying to be funny. So he must be learking behind the scenes giving John advice. The double red cacatuoides were my first thing I ever hatched away from Mom it was a small group I'll have to see who survived I actually think some got mixed in with trip reds which are also growing out. I have so much stuff growing out that I end up selling my breeders just because I get tired of having to tell people something isn't ready. The rams are growing real fast though. I'm kind of surprised by that. Unless its just their silver belly that makes them show up so easy. If I come across some with the Borellii I will but, I am hoping to get a pair for myself cause I kind of killed the dad with that spawn. He died like the day after. I sometimes breed my fish to death I guess.