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Availability information

Of interest to those UK members of the list may be the news that a certain
fairly large outlet here in the North West will be re-opening the South
American section on the 31st of this month.
It's been closed for some time for a complete reworking, display aquaria,
filters, lighting, the works, but there have been fish going in there for
the past couple of weeks now being conditioned ready for the opening.
I had a sneak preview last week, and there should be plenty of fish to get
people going.
I saw Apisto; elizabethae (two forms), agassizi 'Madeira red', Sao Gabriel
Alto Negro, sp. 'Miua' (Blue and Red), 'Red Tail Xingu', borellii, trifas,
bitaeniata, 'Wilhelm' (red), Staecki 'Mamore Orange face', gibbiceps 'Rio
Crenicichla regani 'Santarem, Cr. notophthalmus.
There's a Peruvian shipment expected also but that's been delayed from the
point of origin.
It actually opens on my birthday, which I am treating as a hint!
The outlet is Pier Aquatics in Wigan before I forget, hope to see you there.

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