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Re: ram fry, sigh

 To me the greatest
value in conductivity meter is not in telling me how
hard my water is but rather in telling me the water
quality that I am maintaining for my fish.

a series of articles on conductivity in an old batch of TFH mags convinced me that i should replace my strips and color changing liquid color comparison tests with some decent electronic meters

my budget allowed for a pH meter and a TDS meter

well, i never found the last of the articles in that series, but remember that their author spoke of TDS and conductivity almost (not explicitly) interchangeably

i'm sure there are clear distinctions, but my question is this:

is a true conductivity meter going to tell me enough new data (beyond my TDS readings) that it might warrant another $$ investment?

i guess what i'd be looking for is something like a FAQ on how to get the most out of a conductivity meter.



-R.B. Jones
Phoenix, AZ

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