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Ram wigglers

Well I need to congratulate Francine on her Purple/gold spawn..... neat
little fish.

I also must finally jump for joy.!!  2 weeks ago i came home from North
Bostons auction with 2 pairs of Rams from Al.   Well both pairs have
spawned already.. pair #1  ate their eggs..they werent any good i
think.... pair #2 has wigglers in the back corner of the tank.... Im
excited... Dad is guarding them with great care... he even lets mom near
them... this is cool too.!!   I finally got smart and put a heater in
the tank.   Temp is around 82 -84F.   My last attempt at keeping rams
was in an unheated tank in the upper 70's not in the mid 80's which rams
like i guess.   I hope i can raise these fry.   The parents are just
absolutely gorgeous.... thanks Al


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