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Tank mate / Artificial hatching questions...

Hi all.  Been lurking for a while but could use some help.

I have a pair of beautiful double-red aggies in my 60G planted tank that have spawned 8-9 times unsuccesfully, most recently this past Saturday. The eggs are always laid on an anubias leaf, and disappear in 1-2 days. I suspect that some of the other fish in the tank are guilty, though I have never seen any of them actually eating eggs. Tank inhabitants are: 8 neons, 3 adult black mollies, 8 juv SAEs, 3 AFFs, 6 corys (C. aeneus I think), 1 striated/queen loach, and 4 Khuli loaches. So, my questions, are any of these fish likely culprits (I suspect the loaches, and wouldn't mind removing them)? I would like to keep the SAEs and AFFs if possible for algae control.

My other question is whether it might be best to try to artificially hatch the next spawn? Would the best method be to clip the entire anubias leaf and place it in a small container with tank water and a little methylene blue + an airstone?

Any advice appreciated!


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