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Too many fry! Rams + tetras

Good morning everyone! I've been on the list for a couple of weeks now. What
a wonderful community.

On to the question:

My rams have just spawned in my 55g planted community tank (third time;
first time, they didn't guard the eggs; second, they all fungused).  The
tank includes about 25 neons, 6 red minors, and a trio of rams.  The male
has chased the female away (who's flirting with the "beta"-male now!) and is
currently guarding the eggs.  If the eggs do hatch, I do not think that the
male can withstand the assaults of the red minors.

I've got a 20g heavily planted hospital/breeding/quarantine tank, which
right now has some unknown number of red minor fry, about 1 week old and
about 2.5 mm long.  Shall I pick up the rock w/ram eggs and place it there?
The 20g tank has a large population of tiny crustaceans and other wiggly
things just the right size for fry food.

michael kahlow

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