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The Theory of Evolution should be preached on A differnet list...

In a message dated 3/13/2002 10:44:48 AM Eastern Standard Time, TD7894@aol.com writes:


  for the break in all the madness. I can't believe how people on this list take off on a subject. Really unrelated.
  I'm glad every time I thanked God for the spawns I had everyone didn't try to jump on me and prove The "theory" of Evolution. Yes, Jody may have stretched her response a little but, Tony who is a friend I just met, I think really over reacted to the fish just eating more food then the blackworms. My Blue rams are some of the biggest eaters I have and in just 3 months they are old enough to be pretty much on their own. I don't believe the egg eating was anything more than hunger and I don't think this list is a place to try to prove "Theory" that a whole lot of smarter people have been doing for some time now. and yet it's still a "Theory."
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