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Re: phylogeny

RE: what is phylogeny...
Jerry and others, a simple way to think of phylogeny is like a family tree with species (or whatever).  So, the trunk of the tree might be say some idealized Apisto.  Lets call him Apistogramma idealoso for arguements sake.  Then, some branches of the tree would be say the agassizii-complex, another maybe the nijsseni complex, and then the smaller branches A. agassizii, A. elizabethae etc.  Then, the little twigs would be even more specific -- A. agassizii 'Rio Tefe' etc...  Does that make sense? 
In evolutionary biology, one of the current trends is to use high-throughput sequencing to map out a critters genome, or a part thereof, and then use software to statistically compare the results with say a whole species complex distributed over different geographic areas and come up with these "phylogenic" maps.  That was one of the things I worked on in school with good 'ol convict cichlids as the critter!  Very interesting stuff, and not particularly controversial!!
Whose glad to add excitement to the list in his first week! :-)
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phylogeny(my spell checker doesn't even know)

You think I'm going to stop and look that word up well your crazy...What the heck does phylogeny mean?....<G> I really don't know you guys are just too smart for me.
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