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Re: Schalke 04 Apisto

Hey Max.

Hold your yellow-black horsies !!

There is only one "Royale Blue & White"
Apisto Fan on this list :-)

BTW, Max
I was just about to sent you that
DATZ e-mail.
Isn't it amazing.

Schalke 04 Fan and
Apisto Lover .

Max Gallade wrote:

I tried to send this to you privately yesterday but the message luckily came
back as undelieverable.I think that I became a victim of Datz's April fools
Hi Mike,
I thought this would be of interest to you,the new "Schalke Apisto" :
(Schalke is a local soccer team where Datz is done,with white and blue team
>From now on all Apisto females should be named "Borussia Dortmund Apisto"
my favorite soccer team- colors yellow and black,hehehe."
The rest of the message was intended to be private
Take care

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