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Re: Peat vs. Sphagnum moss??

Boy was I late with this answer.........everyone answered before
me.....OK.......at least I was right.....;-)


Mike Jacobs
Center for Advanced Technologies
High School Math Instructor
St. Pete, Fl.
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> Anthony.........I don't think you will find that the sphagnum moss will do
> much except make a mess of your tank.  Certainly it will not change the pH
> as you wish it to.  I don't know how fast it will break down in the tank
> because I personally have never tried it but I think several years ago I
> heard a discussion in our Killifish group that it just breaks down too
> quickly.  We have a killifish meeting tomorrow......I'll ask and have a
> better answer for you after tomorrow.  Remind me to let you know!
> Mike

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