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Re: Uncorporative trifaciata trio

I have the perfect answer for anyone who has fish that just wont spawn
for them, ..... send them to me..... lol.... just kidding.

Sometimes when i get a pair/trio/group of fish that just dont seem to
want to spawn for me, I feed them very heavy for a few days with live
foods as much as i can, then i move the entire group to a newly set up
tank...  I set the tank up about 3 days before i plan to move the fish,
wait for a weather front to come through the area and then i move the
fish to the new tank, just as the storm front hits.....  this seems to
trigger the fish to spawn for me.... kind of like new rain water falling
in the wild....Oh, I almost forgot... make the new tank about 2 degrees
cooler then the other tank... this also simulates cooler rainfall i
think.    Anyways, this method has worked for me with several species of
apistos and works great for spawning corys.

Just my $.02 worth

Springtime Johnny

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