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Re: Apistogramma/Apistogrammoides


Apistogramma & Apistogrammoides are 2 different
genera that are very closely related. Kullander
wrote that Apistogrammoides is "distinguished
especially by [a] long anal fin with 6-9 instead
of 3 (4 rare, 5 or 6 exceptional) [anal spines],
wider interorbital  ... , an indistinct band along
dorsal side [of flanks above the lateral band],
and [a] unique caudal fin + caudal peduncle
marking consisting in a triangular on spot caudal
peduncle [the so-called T-bar] and 3 elongate
contrasting spots on caudal fin base." (Parts
added in brackets [ ] are mine.)

Mike Wise

Matthewcmeq@aol.com wrote:

> What is the difference between apistogramma and
> apistogrammoides, or is there one?
> Matthew Clark

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