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Re: Apistogramma/Apistogrammoides


For now agassizii, borellii, macmasteri & all
other hobby apistos (except the T-bar Apisto,
Apistogrammoides pucallpaensis) are considered
members of the genus Apistogramma. This genus
might be split into several (3-5) genera in the
future, based on features no less significant than
those that separate Apistogrammoides from
Apistogramma. It all depends on how important
South American cichlid taxonomists consider the
need to do this.

Apistogrammoides pucallpaensis is present in the
hobby right now. It just takes a little hunting.

Mike Wise

Matthewcmeq@aol.com wrote:

> Thanks, Mike. I assume species seen in the hobby
> (agassizi, borelli, macmasteri) are true
> apistogramma(although correct me if I'm wrong).
> Are apistogrammoides ever seen as aquarium
> specimens?
> Matthew Clark

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