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RE: fish from Canada into the U.S.

hi all,
As it appears that numerous persons braught fish through airline in the past, what are the legal documents you need to show at the customs? What are the rules to bring fish within the US? is there a quantity limit? a dollar-amount limit?Don't we need an import licence? Who should we contact to get the legal point of view on that matter?
thank you

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When I came back from Montreal (I met John that night), I and my host drove back to the States.  We told them we had aquarium fish.  No problems.  And that _was_ after 9-11.

My point is that flying across puts one under more scrutiny.  That's why one needs a passport when flying, but not when driving.  And from what I have heard, the particular Customs agent _does_ make a difference even when driving.  The same thing goes with US Fish & Wildlife.  My state's agent has let a guy bring back discus from Hong Kong, no license and no fees.  But Lee Finley told me that his F&W agent makes him get a license because he writes about the fish and that makes the cargo "commercial."  Really!  So it turns out the North Dakota agent who spoke to me is apparently from the stricter school than my state's agent.


At 02:05 PM 4/6/2002, you wrote:
Hi Randy,
      That's interesting as we (living so close to the border - right John) just go back and forth with no problems at all. As a matter of fact, I have a couple of friends that belong to Canadian clubs and cross the border with fish every month. I think sometimes it depends on who the Customs Inspector is.
      Don Z
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