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More spawns:-)

Just thought I'd have a bit of a brag, last year I didn't have many chances to do so. This w/e I had broods from Nanachromis Parillus, A. Nijsenni (Pete L.: the ones I got in August), A. sp "Cruzi" (one of the striped ones) and A. Rupununi (Pete L.: the grand children of the August lot). I was particularly pleased with the Nijsenni 'cause I've been trying to get a spawn for a couple of years now, as I said before, the "easier" a fish is, the more trouble I seem to have.
It does seem that when a front comes over I get a fair few spawns. Unfortunately we won't be getting many fronts in summer (it just gets HOT and stays that way), so I'd better make the most of it all.


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