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Re: spawning plus info


Helen Burns sent me some photos of A. sp. Galaxis
about a year ago. They turned out to be the same
as A. sp. Papagei/Parrot, a very beautiful member
of the regani-complex from the Rio Ampiyacu. Your
other fish are probably A. sp.
Balzfleck/Courting-spot. This is an exceptionally
small species, never exceeding 4 cm / 1¾" TL. I
had some back in 1983. I put them in a grow-out
tank to grow out, but they never did grow. They
just spawned instead - in a bare tank! This is a
clearwater fish from the upper Rio Branco around
Boa Vista, Brazil. I'd suggest getting about 6
minimum since I found that they have a somewhat
monogamous tendency. You can get more info on this
species in Römer's Atlas.

Mike Wise

Ray wrote:

> to all on list had another spawning of apisto
> GLAXIS plus have the chance to buy some import
> of young  apisto BALZSLECK can i push my luck
> and ask mr WISE and DIANE ap galxis is this a
> good name and any info on apisto balzsleck
> thanks all scouse RAY

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