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Re: please help me ID this Apisto

Hello Bob

I'll give this one a whirl...... without knowing for sure.... I would
guess you have a MacMasteri male.    I rule out saying Viejita due to
the lack of markings in the face... my Viejita II males have alot of
blue spangling markings in the face, plus they have a caudal puduncle
mark.   My MacMasteri lack the marking at the base of the caudal

Ok , ok, I change my mind here.... after taking one more look at your
fish and then comparing them to both my Macs and Viejita... i dont think
this is either of them...  I am going out on a limb here and saying your
fish is a washed out stressed coloration pattern of a Nijsenni male..  
The fact that this fish lacks any dorsal fin first 3 or 4 fin spikes....
this leads me to believe this isnt a Mac or Viejita.. but if you look at
Nijsenni, they have this smooth rounded edge to the dorsal fin from the
first rays back.. plus the orange coloration to the pelvic fins and
there is the rounded edged caudal fin with red color... this could maybe
be a Nijsenni.... but not a Panduro... Panduro would have a black
marking at the caudal puduncle.....  

Of course without being able to check out the fish in person... who
really knows...  

Maybe a few more pics... plus maybe a few pics of the females.... that
might help out a bit more..


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