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Cutting terra cotta pots

Hello everyone

Every so often i hear about people having a hard time cutting terra
cotta flower pots to size that they want.  Or even just trying to cut an
opening in the rim to make a cave out of the pot.

Here is how i go about cutting my flower pots and getting them to come
out just how i want them to.

First off, you need a hack saw.   I then go to my local hardware
store.... Aubuchons for me and purchase a blade that is made to cut
tiles with.   This blade is long slender and rounded.    Sort of like a
long file but that fits into the hack saw set up.    The blade costs
about $2.50.    

I then go out a buy several different size terra cotta pots.   I buy
mine at my local Walmart.   They are only $.50 - $.75 each there.   Ok,
so im cheap!!    I then put them into a 5 gallon bucket full of warm
water.   I let the bucket sit with the flower pots over night.   Bye
letting the flower pots soak in water, they are much easier to cut and
dont break or crack as easy.    

To make a pot cut completely in half so i have 2 caves... I just stand
the flower pot up and start cutting with the hacksaw right down the
middle of the bottom of the flower pot... make sure you cut the thing
straight... this makes for more stable sitting caves.   When i get 3/4
of the way thru the pot... i turn it over and cut from the other end
till i meet my cut i started from the other end.

To make just and opening to have a solid cave for the fish to hide in
and defend.   I make 2 cuts into the top rim of the flower pot about
1inch apart... when each cut reachs thru the thick rim of the flower
pot.. i take a pair of plyers and snap off the piece... using the blade
from the hack saw i rub off any sharp endes left after snapping the
piece out of the middle of my 2 cuts.     Bigger fish, i make a bigger
opening, littler fish, smaller opening... makes sense!!

Oh well if i bored some of you , sorry.... just felt like sharing some
of my experiences tonight.


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