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Re: water changes

so you don't use any of the dechlorination or electrolytic salts etc?  Just RO?
I don't have a reverse osmosis thing set up, but if I add distilled water in a certain ratio with normal I can get the same result?
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Sent: Saturday, April 27, 2002 11:40 AM
Subject: Re: water changes

with Apistos and SA dwarfs it's not what you add to water but, pretty much what you take out. Check your books see what the conditions are where they come from. They come from water very low in dkh and GH. I use an RO/DI to get all the stuff out they are not use to having in there. Very, Very SOFT water. I can't resist this "It's all about the DOCs." Dissolved Organic Compounds.
                                           Hope this helps a little...
Oh yeah get in the habit of making partial water changes at least once a week per tank. This works for me.

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