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Re: A total beginner

In a message dated 05/05/02 07:54:55 GMT Daylight Time, 
barbara@newland565.fsworld.co.uk writes:

> 3 pairs of dwarfs (Kribs, Borelli and Cau..... which I can't   spell) 
> together in a 2 foot tank and that they possibly could breed

I wouldn't mix Kribs and any Apisto - the Kribs get too big, and perhaps more 
importantly they speak a different 'language' to Apistogramma species and 
whereas two Apistos may face off at a territorial boundary and mutually back 
down, Kribs and Apistos are more likely to fight.

Although you could keep 2 pairs of Apisto in a 2 ft tank, it is really only 
suitable for one pair of Apistos if they breed (and they probably will) .  If 
you can get pairs of Borelli - the females are really yellow and tiny 
compared to the males, pairs of similar sized, blue coloured fish often sold 
these days are males.  Cacutoides are definately the best beginners Apisto, a 
trio of one male, two females and a shoal of dither fish (neons, pencilfish 
or similar) would be great in a heavily planted 2ft tank with at least 2 
caves (coconut shells, or clay plant pots) per female.

Alan W

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