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Re: little bit of subject

So Mike, have you spawned them yet? Or has anyone spawned them? I would
like to know what's the water parameter and the setup.


At 11:12 AM 5/6/02 +0000, you wrote:
>Sal.......you are absolutely correct.  It is the prettiest little fish you
>did see.  The males are a but on the "snotty" side but they are 
>nifty........well, let's say this.....it seems that the males are a 
>bit "snotty".......Bill Shields, a guy in our club that has bred 
>EVERYTHING.........has lost 3 females to two different males........my
pair on 
>the other hand have lived peacfuly together for about 2-3 months with
about a 
>ton of plants in a 5 gallon tank.  Allen Boatman, another guy in the club,
>a spawn from 1 pair but he was in fear every morning that the female was
>to be "gone".....so with only the three of us there seems to be a
>of a problem with males.......I hope not because they are very pretty.  I
>a picture Allen took and a picture I took.......if no one posts one earlier 
>I'll post them tonight......you'll be sorry.....you will need to chase that 
>fish down until you get them!

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