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Re: water changes in fry tank

  The only thing I do to fry tanks for the first couple months is sneak the sponge filter out and a couple gallons of water from the top. Any junk on the bottom stays there. Just try not to over feed. They will eat the stuff on the bottom. I add strait RO cause "dilution is the solution for pollution" I know it doesn't always look pretty but, you end up with more nice big fry rather then trying to pick them out of a bucket you just sucked them up in.

A wise "Old Man" told me this and it's work for me ever since. I just had a spawn of Rams too along with another spawn of triple red cacatuoides. These are actually my 3rd spawn in the last 3 wks and they are all my first Grandbaby fishes. I'm getting sooo old.

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