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Re: Floating plants for a breeding tank?

Yvan they were the names I knew those plants by. I tired the Riccia in my planted tank upstairs. I try to make it like a neat looking lawn. What a pain that was. I did hear it's a great floating plant which is the way it supposed to be used.

I am a bare bottom tank breeder with most NOT all my tanks but, even the bare bottom ones have Java moss. I find Java moss and a sponge filter as being basic things like clean water. Even if you don't have fry food in a pinch you could just squeeze out the sponge or they could live off the stuff that collects in the Java.

Another thing from the other day but, don't tell any one. I got my first discus the other day 4  3-4" baby colbalt blues. Man they are neat. Shhh it's a secret. I don't want everyone to know I keep Africans and discus along with my Apistos and other dwarfs.<G>
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