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RE: hydra issue

Title: Re: hydra issue
was the product you got from pet-warehouse "Trifon"?

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I have bought them in bulk but now I see they are in a 10 pak but both are made by "Aquarium Products" of Glen Burnie,MD

I had a problem with hydras in my betta fry grow out tanks.  I'm certain they came from purchased plants.  Anyway, the fry lived with the hydras for weeks while I tried to figure out how to get rid of them.  The hydras were thick too, like a lawn on all surfaces but the fry were able to wiggle away from them.

I had heard that fluke tabs were the way to go, so I went to the pet store and they didn't have any.  Instead they had another fluke killing product of some sort in which the active ingredient was potassium permanganate.  This stuff would inhibit the hydras for a day or two but they'd always come back.  Then I tried Clout.  That didn't work at all.  Then I got the real fluke tabs and that stuff worked perfectly!  The hydras have been completely wiped out and haven't come back.

Good stuff!  I got a bottle of 100 tablets from pet warehouse (now Foster-Smith).

Brian Ahmer