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Re: help needed

Jerry, Inbreeding is a bad word that gets a bad rap. It should not be used 
when we are are selectively breeding fish or other animals linebreeding is a 
much better term. When we line breed we are selcting for desirable traits in 
offspring and breeding back to father/mother, grandfather/grandmother, 
aunts/uncles, etc. in an attempt to fix these desirable traits in future 
offspring. These offspring that have the traits we are looking for are then 
bred back into the same line, and occasionally an outcross to some other line 
can be used in order to add a desirable trait to the line that we are working 

Inbreeding (read Deliverance), gets a bad rap from accidental breeding or 
"backyard breeders" just throwing two say dogs for an example together and 
hoping for the best. What has happened with show dogs is that breeders were 
selecting too much for looks rather than looks and brains, so you end up with 
a product that looks great, but would not be able to find the opne end iof a 


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