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unknown fish

I was wondering if someone could help me with the ID of an apisto I
bought from one of LFS's here in MD.  It was sold to me as A. cauc., and
as a newbie I knew no better.  I posted it in the yahoo club gallery and
also on the digital aquarium site.  that's problem #1.

#2  does anyone have any ideas on how to get a 3" apisto out of a medium
planted 75 gal tank with numerous inverted clay pots and driftwood?  ok
and before there are numerous replies, can this be done with out taking
down the tank?

#3   Is anyone a member of some apisto/dwarf cichlid club in MD that
bought all of the good apistos at the house of tropicals?  about a month
ago they all kinds of stuff.  2 days ago they had nootin'.  not even in
the tanks that accidentally have a random apisto thrown in.  actually
they had some poor looking caucs (poor as in not-so-healthy), and some
"assorted apistos"-which is great if you are dave, uwe, or mike wise,
but not if you're archie.  I appreicate any help from anyone.  
            Thanks, Archie

I think the one-liners are ok.  it just shows us different people's
character.  and the best part is it takes more time to get mad at them
than it does to read em.  but i ain't in charge =]

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