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RE: how do you call...

The F0 thing probably started with an engineer somewhere. ask any
non-engineer to count for you and they start 1 2 3 etc. ask an engineer and
you get 0 1 2 3. I know this because I are an engineer ;) and we naturally
apply Boolean logic to the world around us. I just can't understand why
people think we are weird. David Y is correct in his interpretation. the F1
etc is a convention used by people doing genetic work whether they are
working with fish or horses. We hobbyist have adopted the system and are
applying it to our needs. Which is just as valid though it can get confusing
(talking about betta and guppy aficionados). Also this comes from your side
of the pond Helen, I think (most likely the wrong name) it was a German dude
by the name of Mendelssohn who dreamed the whole system up in the first
place. I don't see where there is a problem using F1 to designate the first
generation from wild caught as it is in general use in this form among
hobbyist. It may not be the most correct but if it works and we aren't
misrepresenting our animals what's the big deal.

Who knows I'm probably just full of it anyhow :)

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