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RE: how do you call...

> From: Mike Jacobs
> Sent: Friday, May 17, 2002 10:20 PM

> David Y. sounds like he was reading from a book
> and sounded good...........I sure don't want to
> offend the scientific bunch.......hmmmmmmmmmm.......
> I'm gonna try and trace that stuff down.........
> Dave Y...........from what were you speaking?  The
> top of your head or experience or from a scientific
> background....help us out here?????

It _was_ pretty much off the top of my head, having taken a short course on
genetics previously. However, the information is easily obtained from almost
any genetics text. My initial interest came from breeding Discus, Angels and
Bettas, and my parents used to breed Dobermans and Rotweilers.

I did, however, look up "filial" in Webster's to make sure it dealt with the
offspring and not the parents...


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