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Re: ASG website

There is a text version on the website. It is just below the PDF form

Also you can go to http://access.adobe.com/simple_form.html
and put in the URL of a PDF. It will be converted to HTML and viewable by
WebTV users.

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From: "John Wubbolt" <BigJohnW@webtv.net>
To: <apisto@listbox.com>
Sent: Sunday, May 19, 2002 12:06 AM
Subject: Re: ASG website

> Ok.... now im gonna be a pain in the butt.
> As a webtv person... i cant open any PDF files so i cant print out a
> form to join the ASG.   I dont know who to mail membership money to or
> to what address.
> If someone could be so kind as to help me out here, i would really
> appreciate it.
> thanks.... Oh yes.... i'll soon be getting a computer so i wont have
> these problems for much longer.
> John

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