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There is a rule against direct advertising on this list; however several people
on the list are commercial or hobbiest suppliers of apistos, I would appreciate
it if you make offers off list direct to the requester. 

This means, if someone says

	I would like X

then if you want to say

	I can get / have X

Then please don't post that reply to the list; send it to the requestor.

I'm beginning to think this can also go for recommendations about shops
in certain areas.

This is not to say that I don't appreciate all the helpful and expert input
that commercial participants add to the list and community.

My justification for this rule is

(1) I don't want any organization thinking they can spam this list for
any reason, no matter how much they think their products are of interest
to our community
(2) I don't want commercial rivalry fanning flames
(3) I don't want to be sued (c.f. aquatic plants mailing list)

Thank you.
apisto list admin

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