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Re: Apistogramma moae

  I have to find my old notebook. I only have the one that says they spawned on 11-23-01. I'm just a lucky breeder I call it blessed but, I think that upsets some people

  I do most of my fish the same way. Start out around 100-150ppm TDS and slowly work my way down till-strait RO- they look like their in the mood. Bare bottom sponge filter good food. Easy huh? Zman was my first teacher or professor if you will. So anything I say or do wrong Please see him. He loves it when I do that.<G>

I did have some of the offspring lay some eggs but their space is a little limited right now. I feel like I'm doing so much I have been putting some work into learning about these new round fish I just started messing with. Talk to you later....

I think Zack Wilson is another good source for info he can add when he's stands still for a minute.<G>


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