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Re: Lighting in Breeding Tanks

This depends on the tank, but I generally use MH lights, either 150W or 250W units but I'm also trying to source some 400W units:-). The reason I use these is that they allow me to have open top tanks which, in turn, allow me to have Eichornia Crassipes ( Water Hyacinth) which is the best for removing nitrates. Because I have my breeding tanks arranged in banks I can light 3 or four 120cm x 35cm x 35cm (approx. 48x15x15 inches) tanks. These are then divided depending on the needs/demands of the paricular species I'm working with. I'm just about to try my Ap. Iniridae in an undivided tank as I've had no luck with these in anything smaller. Most will make do with something much smaller, say a 30cm divider.

BTW, I expect to do the big move (new house) soon, wish me luck<:-O


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What do you all use for lighting in breeding tanks? I assume live plants are advantageous, and Java Fern seems to be a favorite. I know Java doesn't need much light, but it still needs some. So what about it? Tanks in windows? Flourescent hoods? Wattage?

Matthew Clark


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