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Re: Plans for the new house

That was one hell of a quick reply!
The reason for doing it this way is that I don't have access to a lot of the stuff you've got in the states. I live in Spain and there's not a hell of a lot of specialist kit available. I also want the flexibility of having everything separate (I'm an inveterate fiddler) The other side of the same coin is that I'll have the space, not the money. I have the feeling that anything like in-line stuff is going to have to be custom made, this means $$$s (what I ain't got - certainly not for a 2000 litre setup) What I described will probably take up one room and give me enormous flexibility. The only reason for going the route I'm going for is that the "Osmosis" suppliers have been good to me and I get VERY good prices on them (my 150 gallon RO unit cost me $70.) I just realised that I said that it was 150lpd, it's actually GALLONS. Similarly the 600 and 2000 litre filtres should have read GALLONS:-)
Just in case, could you describe the in-line setup, so's I can get a quote on one:-) 'cos "Osmosis" will do custom designs (I hate to think of the bucks:-0.

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> Woaaa dude yu got the setup/// for a water heater why not go with an inline
> model save a lot of space, when I lectured in minnesota i saw a setup with
> one of these and it was slick--contact brad swanson of the Minnesota aqua

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