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Re: Plans for the new house

Ahh! The murk clears:-), THOSE in-line heaters! Yeah, we've got them here but I've never been very convinced about their efficiency, on the other hand, it'd be cheaper than a second hot water tank so I'll check them out. I know they have them for aquaria (Hydro do one) but maybe there are other alternatives (ie cheaper:-))

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Date: Sat, 25 May 2002 07:09:13 -0700
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> Colin contact Brad Swanson at the Minnesota Aquarium society page--also the
> Germans have inline water heaters on their plumbing and the stuff is not
> custom it's everyday stuff because they save space. Which they ain't
> got--also I am running 260 tanks here and I just run about 500 feet of
> dripline through a tub of hot water with 3 submerse heaters in it! Gets
> plenty hot!!!!!!!!!

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