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Re: Anomalochromis Thomasi

Hello, thanks for the info on sexing the borellis.  I had to look at my 
adults to see the difference in the dorsals but I think I got it.  The 
livebearers that I keep with the Thomasi are homegrown marigold platies.  I 
use these fish because I have oodles of them and they are mine, never seen 
the inside of a petshop, so no bugs. They are also hardy as rocks, I keep a 
bunch in rubbermaid tubs in my garage and they can take temps from 55 to 100. 
 They can take any hardness and ph too.  I even keep a bunch in a black 
plastic tub outside on the deck in the summer with water plants and they do 
well there too.  You can't kill these guys unless you hit them in the head 
with a rock.  I use them to cycle my tanks and as dithers that provide live 
food to my cichlids via all the babies.  When there are fry, I remove them to 
the garage tubs.  Sorry about sharing more than you want to know about my 
livebearers. Teresa.

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