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RE: New Apisto


Definition of
 Cichlidiot: Person that devotes an enormous amount of time, money, effort,
and energy acquiring and keeping Cichlids. Used as a mark of pride among
many of us when we describe the form our addiction to fish keeping takes.
Definatly NOT a derogatory term. Cichlidiots generally only recognize 6
types of fish Cichlids, Catfish, Dithers, Targets, Feeders, and Dinner. Hope
that helps cool the flames. If you evaluate the amount of money that many of
us who keep these creatures spend, the time and energy we spend getting the
water right making food collecting live foods culturing little critters that
disgust non aquarists, keeping the enormous scope of the endeavor secret
from our loving but not understanding spouses. All to keep these little gray
brown fishes alive knowing that that little fish you just spent $50 each for
six is probably going to die. If you weren't a serious aquarist you might
conclude that we are "Idiots" hence the Cichlidiot term. See, nothing
derogatory or unpleasant there.

I personally qualify as a Cichlidiot the ACA is the keeper of my 12 step
program. Acceptance is the key to expanding my little watery kingdom and
getting the latest aquatic gem to spawn. cichlids of all continents
fascinate me (can it really be a continent if they have no naturally
occurring cichlids i.e. Europe?). Though I am trying desperately to limit
myself to soft water species I fear that that will be a failing effort.
Hope this Cools the Flames of Ire.

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Did I read this right!?  did you just call  African Rift Cichlids die-hart
"IDIOTS!!".. "I hope it was meant as a joke or I miss-interpreted it!"
...If not..get ready for a verbal / e-mail  "shellacking!!"...Many of us
also keep African Cichlids and love them just as much as S.A. dwarfs..
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>>>The fish that got the "oohs & ahs" was the Highfin "Nijsseni" form from
Peru ...

It was more like involuntary gasps for air.  I think even some of the
die-hard African Rift Cichl-idiots were amazed!  If this fish does become
available in the states, watch out for the feeding frenzy and high prices.
Mike, any idea if it's easy or hard to breed?

BTW, excellent presentation.  Folks attending the ACA will be impressed,
especially since he's upgrading some of his slides.  My only complaint was
that an hour was too short of time to cover Apistos in depth, especially
considering that the Apisto world is changing so fast these days with new
fish introductions and scientific analysis in the works.  sigh...

Bill Vannerson
McHenry, IL

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