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RE: Cichlididiot (was new Apisto)

I guess some things just never get down into New England.... except some
awesome fish... lol..

This is a term ive called myself for years now.  I also keep some of
those (coughcough) rift lake stuff..... if you like Cichlids, you gotta
like them all!!!  Yes , dwarf cichlids are my favorites... but i also
consider Daffodils, brichardis, Julies, shell dwellers as dwarf guys
too.... kind of nice to see a tank with a breeding pair of Veijita II
right next to a tank with some Julidochromis Regani.
Breaks up the monotomy of just apistos...... OMG did i just say that,
forgive me Fish Gods!

Johnny the Cichlididiot... among other things!!

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