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Re: shipping cooler/box -- off subject

Hi Francine, I don't have petsmart and petco around here. I will try the
other option you suggested. Oh by the way, did you still want the plecos? I
forgot what you have available and maybe instead of sending money, we can
trade fishes....


At 11:15 AM 5/30/02 -0700, you wrote:
>You could try Omaha Steaks. Your local PetSmart or
>Petco usually throws them in the dumpster in the back
>or you could ask for them.  Or the best DIY method
>would be to buy a sheet of extruded polyethelene
>(styrofoam) from Home Depot or Walmart, get small
>boxes and cut the styro to sizes that will fit the
>box.  Then pack it with newspaper to keep the
>containers or bags from rolling around. This method
>allows you to use any small sized box you find.

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