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follow-up to mamore

Well, sometime last night the mamore female layed a clutch of eggs on the underside of a piece of coconut shell (this is my first real attempt at creating an environment in which the mamores will feel comfortable to spawn). It's curious that she chose the coconut shell when she had been hiding under a piece of slate all day/night yesterday. I'm trying to see if they'll produce fry with the current, unaltered water conditions, which are not ideal for apisto breeding (76 degrees Farenheit-a dual temp thermometer that I have earmarked for replacement with one with more control-, ph ~ 7.2, dKH=4, dGH=5).

The fish are outpacing my re-fitting the tank for their breeding, so I'm off to buy a piece of foam to cover the filter intake! While I'm not expecting complete success here, each episode is a learning experience, right?


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