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Hey all- 

My A. Masken male is not eating as much as it was, and tonight when I
fed, he looked a bit sluggish and slighly "off-balance".  Drunk would be
a good anthropomorphic term (if I used that right).  he is running into
plants and looks like he is chasing invisible things.  I also noticed
some "resting" on the bottom and on the driftwood in my tank.  I haven't
noticed any gasping...yet.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?  Should
I just go with the general myracin/myracide (i know it's something like
that) treatment?  does this sound like a neurological problem? I hope it
isn't and it's just something wrong with the air bladder.   any
suggestions or wisdom that can be shared is, as always, greatly
appreciated.  Thanks, 

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