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RE: Maulbruter... Help!

Hey Max and all aspiring apisto photogs,
Go for the D100 or the new Fuji S2. We're talking 6
mps (megapixels).  The higher the megapixels the
better.  While the 9XX series have the greatest 
macro/micro capacities nothing beats a fixed Nikon
macro/micro lens. (Canon users excuse me...I know
nothing else.)
 The cameras aforemention will give a dedicated apisto
photographer a greater range of expression.  Right now
I use a Nikon D1X from my job and use a 105 and 60mm
Nikon macro/micro lenes that I purchased for shooting
fish small and large,respectfully.
Personally, I plan
on getting a Nikon D100 or the Fuji when they hit the
market. If you want to read material for comparisons
, e-mail me off-list and I will direct you to expanded
material in this regard.

Another consideration for others who want to expand
their apisto experience through photography and don't
want to forfeit their apisto purchasing power should
consider a discontinued Olympus 2500L as well. (2.X
 In my opinion the Nikon series 9XX and this camera
have the best macro/micro capabilities that deliver
quality prints,up to 8 X 10, on a quality home
printer, say... an Epson or a Hewlett Packard.
However, if you are a frequent user of Ebay, try to
get one from a noted camera dealer and not from a
possible unknown, possible unsavory individual. 

The Olympus 2500L was 1500 US dollars new in '99. 
Purchasing it at now at $350 plus is an exceptional
deal.  The only discrepancy with the Olympus is the
buffer lag time when shooting Tiffs.  Meaning that in
Tiff mode once you click the shutter, there will be a
lag time while the frame loads to the card; quite
discerning once your apistos are performing for you. 

Besides that, the Olympus has the capacity to utilize
 two different kind of cards .  Within the camera
there are slots for a Compact Flash Type I and a
Smartmedia card. Shoot in SHQ and then save your pix
to Tiff once you upload to your hard drive via a card
reader, not the pc cable. This practice 
will eliminate the buffer lag time, thus
give you more frames relative to your card capacity.

Then we get into dedicated (TTL) flash via hotshoe or
off camera.

If you want more e-mail me privately at
MsCichlid@aol.com or Poppycat_2000@yahoo.com

Best regards,

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